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Get EPR-Authorization

CPCB has prepared guidelines on implementation of E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016, which includes specific guidelines for Producers and other stakeholders for extended producer responsibility (EPR) Authorization, channelization, collection, storage, transportation, environmentally sound dismantling, recycling and refurbishment. The guidelines have specific chapter on EPR Plan, document requirement for the form - I of the said rules and self-declaration on RoHS compliance. CPCB has to evaluate EPR applications received from Producers and grant EPR authorization within 120 days of receipt of application complete in all respect. Accordingly, CPCB is required to scrutinize the information provided in the applications as per Form-1 of the rules and also in accordance to the guidelines issued by CPCB.

Documents required for CPCB EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) – Authorization

  1. Company Details (Name, Address, Telephone No., e-mail, Website, Toll-Free Number).
  2. Details of Authorized Person
  3. Company Letter Head
  4. Details of Importer (PAN Card Copy, Aadhar Card Copy, GST Copy)
  5. IEC Certificate Copy
  6. Incorporation Certificate ( in case of Pvt. Ltd)
  7. Details of All Outlet, Service Center, Offices and Collection points in India.
  8. Whether all States Covered or Not
  9. RoHS certificate
  10. Details of Product placed in market during last 10 years
  11. Agreements with dealer and distributors
  12. Name of recycler and agreement.
  13. Website information of recycler
  14. Toll free number of recycler
  15. On manufacturer or producer website recycler website link should be mentioned.

Products Under EPR-Authorization

Sr. No Categories of electrical and electronic equipment Electrical and electronic equipment code
I. Information technology and telecommunication equipment :  
  Centralised data processing: Mainframes, Minicomputers ITEW1
Personal Computing: Personal Computers (Central Processing Unit with input and output devices) ITEW2
Personal Computing: Laptop Computers(Central Processing Unit with input and output devices) ITEW3
Personal Computing: Notebook Computers ITEW4
Personal Computing: Notepad Computers ITEW5
  Printers including cartridges ITEW6
Copying equipment ITEW7
Electrical and electronic typewriters ITEW8
User terminals and systems ITEW9
Facsimile ITEW10
Telex ITEW11
Telephones ITEW12
Pay telephones ITEW13
Cordless telephones ITEW14
Cellular telephones ITEW15
Answering systems ITEW16
II. Consumer electrical and electronics:  
  Television sets (including sets based on (Liquid Crystal Display and Light Emitting Diode technology) CEEW1
  Refrigerator CEEW2
  Washing Machine CEEW3
  Air-conditioners excluding centralised air conditioning plants CEEW4
  Fluorescent and other Mercury containing lamps CEEW5
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